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2022 TRIP DATES:  July 25-30

Team members purchase their own plane ticket or drive to the ranch.  Room and board at the ranch is $350.  


DESTINATION:  Westcliffe, Colorado



Eagles Summit Ranch, ladies stay in the lodge, which is super nice.  There are four bedrooms (1 person per room) plus a bunk room that sleeps five.  Three bathrooms we share.  There are five ladies on the trip so plenty of room.


What we do…


Provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for the guys.  Terry (works for Eagles Summit) will make up the menu and have the majority of the food prepped before we arrive.  We do the final prep, set up before and clean up after.


When we aren’t cooking, we clean whatever we find in the lodge and, as time permits, in any of the other buildings like the office, food depot, cabins, etc.  They usually give us a list of things they’d like to see done.



We are very remote.  Once we arrive at the lodge (about 1 ½ hour drive from Colorado Springs), with one exception (bowling on Thursday night), we don’t leave the lodge until we return to the airport on Saturday morning.


The scenery is gorgeous!  John and Mary Gaither are the overall caretakers of the property.  You will thoroughly enjoy them!  Mary texted this morning that it was 41 degrees.


What to wear…


Casual…. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, whatever you are comfortable wearing to clean.  Need good shoes (like tennis shoes) because the terrain is up and down hill and somewhat rocky.  Flip flops don’t work well outside.   It’s usually very dry so lots of dust.  Be sure to being a jacket or hoodie as evenings are very cool at times.


What else to bring …


Sunglasses, some kind of lip balm like Chapstick, Carmex) because the humidity is very low, and even though it may not feel hot, sunburn is a problem.  A hat or cap is helpful, although we do not spend much time outside.  Bring personal toiletries.  The lodge provide towels, washcloths, and bedding.  A water bottle is helpful because we try to drink a lot of water due to the 9,000-something altitude.


Altitude sickness is common, so drinking a lot of water is important.  If you have a tendency for motion sickness, Dramamine is helpful for the ride to/from the lodge, and let us know because you get the front seats if so.


There’s a washer/dryer available so if you need to do laundry while there, it’s no problem.


We have reasonably good telephone service and Wi-Fi when inside the lodge.


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