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KCIB goes to countries where kids have no opportunity to experience the joy of kid's camp.  Everything needed goes with us -- sports equipment, colored team t-shirts, wrist bands, written curriculum (in their native language, of course), drama props, awards, trophies, and seriously giant puppets.

What to do when there is no camp?

Take the camp to the kids!

Activities include sports and leadership training, music, singing, Bible quiz teams, the "Gospel in Crayon" coloring book and fine arts.  Each camp day ends with a power-packed KID'S CRUSADE!

Along with regular team members, there's Alexander the Duck and Wrong-Way Dog (he's always going the wrong direction)! When we come back to our comfy American life, we leave the box and all the supplies so local leaders can do their own "Kid's Camp in a Box".

UNICEF statistics for children in Haiti

       - 91% have no running water in their home

       - 76% have no access to a flushing toilet

       - 50% do not attend primary school

       -  93% do not finish high school

       - 24% hold jobs as child laborers

       - 22% stunted growth due to malnutrition

Haiti has the highest rate of infant, under-5, and maternal mortality in the western hemisphere.

Will you help us?

We can't fix all the problems in Haiti, but we can take the Gospel and present it to children in a way they understand.  It isn't about the games or the music or the puppets or the coloring book.  It is about telling them of a Savior who loves them, gave His life for them, and wants someday for them to spend eternity together.

 Team members are young, college-and-career adults (ages 20-30) with big hearts for the mission field.

What if some of these team members are the laborers... the ones about whom Jesus

spoke when He told us of the great harvest?  (Matthew 9:37)