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His message without words

It is impossible to communicate when we do not know the language of those we serve. The 16-page "Gospel in Crayon" coloring book is the tool needed to share the good news of the Gospel regardless of the language barrier.

This is no ordinary kid's book of random pages to color. Beginning with creation and ending with heaven, the pages tell a story that helps childen understand their great need for the Savior.

A sample narrative is included, as well as a closing prayer.  When the child takes their book home, it will be a constant reminder of God's great love and the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Vicki Evans, (Children's Pastor at Humble First Assembly of God in Humble, Texas) has a heart for missions that's bigger than the entire state of Texas!  The Gospel in Crayon is her creation. 

If you would like to order books for yourself or another ministry, please email Vicki directly.

Help us cover the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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The Click Family Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 100% of all donations are used exclusively to serve others. Family members, volunteers and sponsors receive no compensation.  Monetary and/or asset donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

What to do when there is no camp?  Take camp to the kids!

We go to countries where kids have no opportunity to experience the joy of kid's camp. Everything needed goes with us -- sports equipment, colored team t-shirts and wrist bands, written curriculum (in their native language, of course), drama props, awards and trophies.


Activities include sports and leadership training, music, singing, Bible quiz teams, the "Gospel in Crayon" coloring book, and fine arts.   Each camp day ends with a power-packed, joy-filled KID'S CRUSADE!  


When we come back to our comfy American life, we leave the box and all the supplies behind so local leaders can do their own "Kid's Camp in a Box".  It's all about spreading the good news of the Gospel! 

More Info

"On January 12, 2010, a 7.1–magnitude earthquake struck the country of Haiti. The world watched in horror the news reports of the devastation. Immediately responding to the catastrophe were Love A Child ministry founders Bobby and Sherry Burnette, who had somehow escaped death. In the days following, they came to believe they had been spared in order to minister to the desperate needs all around them. When the earthquake hit, Bobby and Sherry had served in Haiti for many years. Love Is Something You Do is the extraordinary narrative of the Burnettes' lifelong journey of faith and compassion. If you love a great story, find a place to settle in and read one fascinating account after another. Travel the path that led them to Haiti; a land of mountains, colorful cultures, and insightful proverbs, but also of extreme poverty, oppressive voodoo, and despair. Experience their early years in street ministry, their life–threatening adventures and accidents, their incidents of miraculous healings and financial provision, and their standoffs with witch doctors and evil spirits. Above all, be renewed by their message of hope and peace, through which they continue to transform people's lives spiritually, physically, educationally, and vocationally; giving Haitians a life of dignity and purpose they had never dreamed possible."  

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Too much "stuff"?  Exchange your "stuff" (vehicles, boats, RVs, buildings) for a charitable tax donation. Items must be preapproved before drop-off).

Proceeds from item sales support the various Click Family Foundation projects.

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