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We are priviledged to live in the United States.  There is no comparison of our lives here to the daily life of most Haitians.  We have more than enough; they never have enough.  We are educated; the majority of Haitians cannot read or write.  Health care is immediately available to us. It is estimated there is one doctor for every 100,000 patients in Haiti. 

The answer to someone's poverty is you and me.  Not through entitlement programs or handouts, but through empowerment.  

Come with us to Haiti!  Share your talents and skills.  Use what you have been given to change the life of someone else.  

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A Message to our Donors  -- We desire to be good stewards of all that is entrusted to us.  For this reason, the Click Family Foundation adheres to the following support guidelines. Organizations must have:


  • A "boots on the ground" full-time presence in the area served.

  • An independent governing board, or be under the direct authority of a main-stream Christian denomination.

  • An operating structure to assure the organization continues on should the unforeseen occur.

  • Transparent accounting practices.


If there are ever questions as to how your donation is appropriated, or if you would like to support a specific area or project, please email

Why we go to Haiti

This video may be difficult to watch.  We've been to the Tuttier Dump and met the beautiful family in this video.  


Bobby and Sherry Burnette, founders of Love A Child, never leave people the way they found them.


Today, the family lives in a clean house (actually two houses as their family is large).  The children are in school, and Mom and Dad have jobs, thanks to Love A Child.


Would you like to be part of this wonderful ministry?  The best donors are the faithful ones; those whose hearts are touched enough to send something every month.  A little or a lot; it doesn't matter.  It's the knowing that someone shares your load that counts the most.


For more information on the live-changing work Love a Child is doing in Haiti, please click here.


As I've heard Sherry Burnette say many times ...

 "We can't do everything,

but we can all do something."  Thank you!

Debbie writes... "Donnie and I have been financially involved in Haiti for some years.  Thoroughly content as the donors, we never saw ourselves as the "go'ers".  


In August, 2015, while on a trip to Haiti with the teens from our church, our hearts changed.  I can tell you the exact moment when I heard the Lord softly whisper the question.

We were standing in front of a one-room shelter of sorts (I can't call it a "house" although a family of at least 9 lived there). The mom, the dad, a couple uncles and four children were standing in front of us.  The mom looked uncomfortable; the men lowered their heads in shame.  


The assignment from the host mission organization was for our group to assess the family's sanitary habits, access to clean water and their method of earning a living.  We had been given a list of prepared questions such as:

"How far do you walk to get water?"


"Do you know the importance of washing your hands before eating and after using the bathroom?" (no one had a bathroom)


"May we teach you the proper way to wash your hands?" (no one had running water)

"Do you know how to brush your teeth?"


The "teeth" question was the most absurd.  The near-skeletal appearance of the families told us they ate very little.  If you don't have money for food and live in a scavaged-materials' house, would toothbrushes and toothpaste be a high priority?

They had no bathrooms.  We saw no latrines.  I leave to your imagination where they did their "business".  Do you think finding water to wash their hands was first on their mind?  It was embarrassing.

The job of other team members was to ask the questions.  Donnie's and my job was to pray for the family.  We stood there, heads bowed, eyes closed, and louder than the sound of Donnie's prayer was the whisper...

"Do they have so little because you keep so much?"

I remembered my closets full of clothes I never wear; our pantry with more food than we can eat.  The "stuff" in the attic we've yet to unbox after our last move.  The two beautiful vehicles in our garage.  The vacations we take, the money we waste, and how excited this family would be to have what we throw away.

God changed my heart that day.  Until we arrived home, I didn't know that He had also changed Donnie's.  We didn't understand what it meant, but we knew we needed to pray and listen again for God's whisper.

In routinely checking web sites of organizations we supported, we noticed that Love a Child had a medical clinic coming up. Whereas their trips usually filled months in advance, now there was an opening.  Perhaps, we thought, this was an open door.  We would not know unless we signed up.  The schedule wouldn't work for Donnie; we decided I would go by myself.

Our lives have never been the same.  


The photos in our "Missions" section are from trips with Love a Child.  We cannot say enough good things about Bobby and Sherry Burnette, their staff, and their faithfulness to their mission.  


For forty-plus years, they have labored under the harshest of circumstances, separated from family, and tested beyond measure.  We hold them in the highest esteem.  


Bobby and Sherry have taught us a lot, such as the high importance to extend grace and appreciate challenges (we learn patience when days don't go as expected). By example, they have taught us to always trust in a God who never fails and to never let circumstances keep us from being obedient.  As we've heard Bobby say many times, "Faith don't know we don't have any money!"

Most importantly, they have taught us that God makes people in many colors; all of whom are His children; all of whom are our brothers and sisters.

Thank you, Bobby and Sherry!  Thank you for allowing us to simply walk along side.

Click Family Foundation, Inc.

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