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What to do when there is no kids camp?

Take the camp to the kids!

This July, CORE is partnering with KCIB to take kid's ministry to COSTA RICA !


CORE is a group of seriously dedicated, preaching, teaching, worshiping kids who are training under the ministry leadership of Pastor Vicki Evans (Kids Pastor from First Assembly of God Church in Humble, Texas).


KCIB is a ministry of Click Family Foundation. KCIB teams go to places where kids have no opportunity to experience the joy of kid's camp. Everything needed goes with us to include teaching and worship materials in the language of the host country, sports equipment, craft and drama props and seriously giant puppets.


Camp activities include sports and leadership training, fine arts, Bible quiz, daily teaching, crafts, and the "Gospel in Crayon" coloring book.  Along with regular team members, there's Alexander the Duck and Wrong-Way Dog.  Each camp day ends with a power-packed KID'S CRUSADE!


The goal of KCIB is to develop relationships with kids' ministry leaders in other countries.


Let's be honest.  When families barely have the means to feed their children, it's hard for native pastors to justify the cost of supplies to do a kid's camp.  That's where KCIB comes in!  As relationships develop, KCIB provides the supplies while local ministry groups (like CORE) help native pastors give kids the greatest camp experience they can imagine!


What happens next?


Kid's ministry grows!  Here at home and around the world, it is all about making disciples.

How can you help?

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The CORE team is working hard, doing extra jobs and selling great products to raise funds for this project.  If you would like to help, please click the links below.  Donations and products purchased through this link go directly to purchase teaching materials, sports equipment and offset the cost of shipping.  Thank you!

"When our grandchildren ask where we were when the voiceless and the vulnerable in our era needed leaders of compassion and purpose, I hope we can say that we showed up and that we showed up on time.   ~Gary Haugen~

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