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Click Family Foundation Roever Foundation Colorado wounded soldiers military rehabilitaty

            Donnie Click                     Dave Roever

The idea of a family foundation was first conceived in 2004 after Donnie Click heard Dave Roever speak at Humble First Assembly of God Church in Humble, Texas.  


Starting a non-profit organization seemed a good way to give back to the community and an opportunity to work with the Roever Foundation.


In December of 2006, the dream became a reality.


2021 was our 13th annual work trip to the Roever Foundation Eagles Summit Ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado. A team of 26 men, women and teens spent a week cleaning, painting, repairing, trenching, moving rocks, mowing pasture, weed-eating miles of fence line and any other chore they asked us to do.


It is our way of "giving back".  As we have heard our friend, Dave Roever, say so many times...


"Freedom is not free.  Sometimes it costs an arm and a leg. " 


"Operation Warrior RECONnect is a cause driven by Dave Roever and the incredible team assembled within the Roever Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Operation Warrior RECONnect is a standing commitment to mending the brokenhearted of our nation with a specific focus to help America’s wounded veterans and their families. It is our goal to help these heroes find a new life purpose after enduring hardship through their service to our great country.

Programs, educational efforts, and facilities are under various divisions of the Roever Foundation, but all are united to a single focus cause;  to RECONNECT WARRIORS and THEIR FAMILIES to a whole and productive life. 


Operation Warrior RECONnect is not associated in any way with Wounded Warriors Project."  


(Excerpt taken from the web site)

To learn more about the Roever Foundation, click Dave's picture above or visit

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