LAC Mobile Medical Clinic

November 2018

"Every bit of pain, when it is not ignored but faced, thins out the dividing lines of race, religion, wealth, and politics."

~Rachel Pieh Jones, Missionary~


Bobby and Sherry Burnette have worked in Haiti for more than 40 years.

They've built churches, schools, countless homes for the poor, an outpatient clinic, a malnutrition center, a birthing center (opening January 2019), a gorgeous orphanage that is home to 80+ children. They literally feed tens of thousands of people per year. This side of heaven, there is no quantifying the harvest of seeds sown.

Four times a year, they travel deep into the mountains of Haiti bringing medical care to the poorest of the poor.

When the road ends, they keep going. For hours, they travel winding mountain trails.


Behind them, a caravan of medical providers follow with thousands of prefilled medication packets, food, water, interpretors, tents for sleeping, and security for protection.

For more information about Love A Child's mobile medical clinics, please visit

Love A

LAC mobile clinics are highly efficient and geared to treat

several hundred people a day.

Families wait in line as far as the eye can see.

Savaan Pit crowd.jpg

Families first see a medical provider.

Then they head over to pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions.  

The pharmacy is a very busy place!


Next comes wound care and eye exams.  If a dentist is part of the medical team, tooth extractions are provided.  All services are free.

The final stop is ministry where everyone has an opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel.  For many, it is the very first time they hear about a God who loves them and a man named Jesus who gave His life for them.

To these people, the good news of the Gospel truly is GOOD NEWS. 

The medical cases are severe: children with more infected sores than one can count, toddlers with starvation-induced bloated bellies, people nearly dead from diarrhea because pigs and people share the same water.



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